Being a private pilot opens up new doors of opportunities one may not have envisioned before. Many young people nurture the dream of being a private pilot and get the requisite license which would enable them to fly single engine aircraft and carry passengers.  One can upgrade this license to further advanced certificates and licenses if one so desires.

However the aim to get the private pilot license is not an easy one to achieve as it requires proper knowledge, years of hard work and complete physical and mental preparation for the same.  One needs to enroll in a licensed flight school for both ground school and flight training and then take the written test held at FAA testing centers or with licensed test providers.  One also needs to complete a minimum of forty hours of total flight time with at least twenty hours of instructed flight time.

With the advancements in the field of communication and information technology many online resources for free private pilot training are available on the internet which may make it easy for one to  complete the ground school training for obtaining a private pilot license. In fact one can get an approved certificate for private pilot only when one has completed at least 35 hours of ground training in Private Pilot in an airplane.

There are some reputed online sites which provide valuable wealth of knowledge to the people aspiring to be private pilots. They would easily find gems of experiences from seasoned pilots or veterans who often provide complete online tutorials for private pilot training. Online visitors can not only go through all the web contents but they can also visualize private pilot training videos and download the e-book authored by a highly experienced pilot who shares his experiences and provides valuable guidelines.

However it is quite essential to select the most suitable flight training online which would have a high standard and would have consisted of knowledge and experiences of a veteran. can be your best bet when you are seeking such online pilot training as this offers you the opportunity to download an e-book for free which will teach you safe landing in three easy steps. Landing being a difficult yet very important part of pilot training must be learnt with complete deftness and eagerness. Most of the fatal plane accidents are caused due to pilots’ mistakes committed during landing in inclement weather or due to engine failure.

Doug Daniel with having 2,326.5 hours flying and 5,149 landings experience as well as 1,231.9 hours giving instruction has been a pioneer in offering free online training for soon to be private pilots and has authored this e-book. The author’s passion for flying and his love for teaching have led to the creation of this e-book which is a detailed set of best landing practices. You can easily get a wealth of information through downloading the e-book through the

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