There are just three fundamental skills you need to know to land an airplane safely and consistently. They are airspeed control, projected glide control, and controlled slow flight. You can learn each separately. But you use them all to land safely and consistently.

The most fundamental and easiest to learn is airspeed control. You should start with it. Then you should master slow Dutch roll thoroughly at various airspeeds, aircraft configurations and angles of bank. Concurrently you can learn to control the projected glide point while maintaining a constant airspeed. Airspeed control and projected glide control bring the pilot to the right place at the right airspeed to start the transition from the approach glide to the landing phase.

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Doug Daniel brings an enviable skill-set to flight instruction online. Having logged over 2,300 flight hours including more than 1,200 hours teaching private, instrument, and commercial pilots in single and multiengine airplanes, Doug Daniel is among the few trusted to prepare pilots to become flight instructors. He was selected to command US Special Operations units in combat four times and is known for decision-making in high-stress environments. He has the expertise to teach the same with equal authority to aspiring pilots. Doug is the exemplary flight instructor and his reference book, Flying Secrets, is a tribute to teaching plane landing with simplicity and clarity.

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