Are you soon to become a pilot? You must be aware of the importance of a successful plane landing in a high stress-environment. Especially, when the situation becomes challenging for you, like you accidentally come to flying through thunderstorm or any other ordeal, a peaceful and safe landing becomes the true test of your plane flying ability. And it is also the truth that most high-time professional pilots make marginal landings in nice weather. 

If you’re a budding pilot, you know how important it is to land a plane smoothly! A smooth landing not just saves you from the embarrassment but also makes the passengers applaud. Moreover, it’s a major criteria upon which the performance of any pilot is judged.

Doug Daniel, a respected pilot and flight instructor offers you the best pilot training online. At, you can find free private pilot training videos conveniently. With years of experience in training commercial and private pilots, Doug Daniel provides the most reliable flight training online. The landing tutorial imparted by the instructor makes it convenient for all pilots to master the art of landing an airplane.  

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