The impressive flying career and experiences of some of the most challenging landings in a calm and composed manner, allow Doug Daniel to bring an enviable skill-set to flight training online. This time, he has brought an optimized set of best practices for plane flying and landing in the challenging environments for soon to become pilots. The passion for flying and love of teaching plane motivated Doug Daniel to share his real world experiences and immense knowledge with emerging pilots through a complimentary private pilot online training tutorial. You can catch Doug Daniel’s pilot training online at .

With 2,326.5 hours flying, 5,149 landings, and after 1,231.9 hours giving instruction, he has knows to impart flight training online in the most effective and resourceful manner. Moreover, Doug Daniel has commanded US Special Operations Combat Units for four times, allowing him to master the art of decisions making in high-stress environments and how to teach others to handle stressful situations and remain calm, and how to communicate effectively in utter chaos.

Undoubtedly, the great flying career and years of teaching plane flying and landing to private, instrument, and commercial pilots in single and multiengine airplanes, makes Doug Daniel an exemplary flight instructor. His complimentary private pilot training online tutorial is an easy and simple way to learn plane landing and flying. For the first time, he is giving you online landing tutorial while focusing on the basic aerodynamic terms and concepts in a comprehensive and easy to grasp manner.

He has introduced an optimized set of best practices for plane flying and landing in the challenging environments including accidental flying through thunderstorm and other natural as well as manmade adversities. In his free private pilot training online tutorial, he has combined everything in just few steps. The Doug Daniel’s online tutorial involves teaching plane through private pilot training videos and reports. In these private pilot videos and reports he has discussed the concept and principles of successful plane landing and flying that are difficult to find in any flight instruction manual either online or campus.

He has explained even the most difficult aspects of aerodynamics terms in the simplest and clearest forms. Soon to become pilots who are willing to improve their skills of plane flying and landing in an easy way, are recommended to go through his complimentary private pilot online training tutorial. The tutorial will introduce them to his personally collected best practices of plane flying and landing in the stressful situations, if performed properly is sure to bring cheer and claps from everyone.

What allowed Doug Daniel students to solo 5 hours sooner than the national average, is now easy to get and learn through his complimentary free pilot training tutorial. Soon to become pilots can live the adventure by downloading free pilot training videos, reports, and landing tutorials at You can visit this site for online private pilot training materials by Doug Daniel for free. The private pilot videos and reports available to download at the site are easy to understand and practice by already on the way to become pilots.

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